Press Conference for the establishment of Oosumi Peninsula Smart Energy Co., Ltd.

The press conference was held on Jan. 16th (Mon) 2017 at the community center in Kimotsuki Town, Kagoshima prefecture by Kimotsuki Town, Kyushu Smart Community of Miyama city Fukuoka, Research and Education Center of Carbon Resources Kyushu University and Center for Co-Evolutiona Social Systems Kyushu University.

It is starting an electric power retail business on Feb. 1st this year, which includes not only stable provision of electric power led by the local government but also provision of civic services such as adult care service and assistance of health management.

We will have collaboration with the company in the study of local production- local consumption of the energy using advanced forecasting technology, big data analysis of power consumption utilizing HEMS data and the study of newly added value or seeds for the revitalization of communities based on the energy information of the local community. 


1. Greeting by Mr. Kazuyuki Nagano, Mayor of Kimotsuki Town
2. Introduction of Oosumi Peninsula Smart Energy Co., Ltd. by Mr. Tatsushi Isobe, CEO
   (1) Back Ground
   (2) Company profile
   (3) Plan for Oosumi Peninsula Smart Energy
3.  Closing
4.  Group Photo
5. Press Conference