Public testing by Emergency medical and Disaster coping Automated drones support system utilization promotion Council、EDAC

A validation testing of a drone was disclosed on Jan. 23rd (Mon) at Ito Campus of Kyushu University for the emergency medical and disaster applications.

At the hall on the 2nd floor of the facilities for Co-Evolutional Social Systems,a greeting was made by Mr. Tetsuo Yoshioka,Deputy Director-General of Minister's Secretariat(in charge of Information and Communications Bureau), Ministry for Intenal Affairs and Communications.Then Mr. Yoichi Korehisa, Project Leader of Center for Co-Evolutional Social Systems(CESS) made a greeting followed by introduction of EDAC members, the purpose and the details of the testing.

After the introduction we moved to the Biodiversity Conservation Zone in Ito campus, where the testing started.

EDAC plans to solve the issues to move forward to the commercial use.
CESS is planning to study how we can utilize the data and knowledge obtained in the testing for the services to be realized with the Urban OS.

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