Lectures at a local government forum in Ohsumi, Kagoshima prefecture

A workshop on the new electric power businesses was held at the local promotion bureau of Ohsumi, Kagoshima prefecture at 14:00 on July 25th, 2016.
About 40 people attended it including mayors of the 4 cities and 5 towns in Ohsumi area(Kanoya city, Tarumizu city, So-o city, Shibushi city, Ohsaki town, Higashi Kushira town, Kinko town, Minami Ohsumi town and Kimotsuki town).

The workshop was related to the new electric power business establishment aiming at revitalization of the area through the local production - local consumption of the energy, the purpose of which is same as the one held in Kimotsuki town last month.
The workshop started with greetings by Mr. Sakou, Director of the local promotion bureau of Ohsumi and Mr.Yamada from Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, followed by Dr. Harada, Professor, Kyushu Universtiy, Mr. Korehisa, Project Leader of Coevolutional Social Systems and Mr. Isobe,President of Miyama Smart Energy.
We expect this workshop will be helpful for the revitalization of the local communities.

The program of the work shop

1. An initiative for the local production - local consumption of renewable energy.
- A hint for areas where renewable energy linkage to the grid is difficult-

Dr. Tatsuro Harada,
Professor, Research and Education
Center of Carbon Resources,
Kyushu University.

2. Revitalization of local communities through energy revolution based on ICT.

Mr. Yoichi Korehisa,
Project Leader, Center of Innovation(COI),
Kyushu University

3. An initiative for the local production - local consumption of energy and a plan for the Ohsumi smart peninsula.

Mr.Tatsushi Isobe,
President of Miyama Smart Enrgy