[News]A workshop of the University of Tokyo satellite will be held.

A workshop of the The Universtiy of Tokyo satellite "An expansion of the renewable energies and an innovation of the electric power systems based on the Paris Agreement”will be held at 13:00 on September 26th(Mon),2016.
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COI Workshop
"An expansion of the renewable energies and an innovation of the electric power systems based on the Paris Agreement”

For the Paris Agreement each country including Japan submitted the reduction plan of greenhouse gas.
For Japan the reduction targets were set not only for 2030 but also 2050 as an authorized plan for the global warming by the government.
According to the targets a drastic innovation is required for the electric power systems.
On the other hand the cost of the renewable energies such as PV has become lower drastically, which makes the percentage higher worldwide.
In Japan for the expansion of the renewable energy new technologies and perspectives are equired in terms of operation and control.
Also for the open electric power market,liberalization of the retail market and the separation of electrical power production from power distribution and transmission the system design of the ancillary services is urgently required.
Further a form of hydrogen could be suitable for storage of the energy or for the FCVs rather than output suppression when the renewable energies are largely used.

In the workshop the required technologies and expense allocation will be discussed by the related people for the power grid operation and control when the renewable energies are largely used under the liberalization of the market.
Also the leading edge knowledge for the production, storage and utilization of hydrogen will be shared.

■ Date and Time: September 26th (Mon)13:00 ~16:30
■ Venue: Gakushi-Kaikan Room #202
■ Sponsor: Co-Evolutional Social Systems, The University of Tokyo satellite
■ Co-sponsor: Center for Low Carbon Society strategy, JST( Japan Science and
                       Technology Agency )
■ Capacity: 100
■ Fee: Free
   Application: Please fill in the form for application.
   Deadline : 17:00 on September 20th(Tue), 2016

■Inquiry: Secretariat of the COI workshop:


13:00-13:05  Opening Remarks

Mr. Yoichi Korehisa
Project Leader, Co-Evolutional Social Systems, Kyushu University

13:05-13:10  Explanation of the workshop

Dr. Ryuji Matsuhashi
Satellite leader, COI/Research Director, LCS/Professor, The University of Tokyo

Technologies for the stabilization of the power grid and ancillary services for the expansion of the renewable energies.

13:10-13:30    Introduction of the renewable power and the plan of the cluster
- Business deployment in Kyushu

Dr. Tatsuro Harada,
Professor, Research and Education Center of Carbon Resources, Kyushu University.

13:30-13:45    Research on the ancillary services in the USA and the possibility
                         in Japan

Ms. Kanae Takase,
Visiting Researcher, COI/Researcher, LCS.

13:45-14:00    Evaluation of businesses related to the renewable energy as 
                        a local energy supplier

Mr. Tsuyoshi Yoshioka,
Visiting Researcher, COI/Researcher, LCS.

14:00-14:15    Discussion(15 minutes)

Break (14:15~14:30)

Possibility of hydrogen as a storage technology

14:30-14:50    A role of hydrogen and its issues for the expansion of renewable 

Mr. Hideyuki Dohi,
Professor, International Research Center for Hydrogen Energy, Kyushu University

14:30-14:50    Potential of hydrogen for a sustainable low-carbon society
The world is moving from "Power to Gas" to "Power to X"

Dr. Katsuhiko Hirose
Visiting Professor, International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research,
Kyushu University/ Hygrid Study Group

15:10-15:30    A system evaluation of businesses utilizing renewable power
                        and hydrogen in Kyushu.

Dr. Ryuji Matsuhashi
Satellite leader, COI/Research Director, LCS/Professor, The University of Tokyo

<Disclosure of the statements made during the workshop>

The workshop is open to public.
The program and the presenters will be introduced in the Homepage later.
The presentation materials will be available only if the presenter's permission is obtained.
The proceedings will be available after the presenters review.
The statements can be deleted from the proceedings if requested by presenters, so that an active discussion can be conducted.