Workshop held by The University of Tokyo EMS satellite

The workshop " Innovation of the power system for the introduction of a large amount of reusable energy" was held at 13:00 on Dec. 21(Thu) at the meeting room #202 of GakushiKaikan.
The purpose was to share the knowledge among the operators, the researchers and government people on the operation of power systems such as solution of imbalance and frequency control when a large amount of reusable energy is used.

Dr,Tetsuhiko Ikegami, a Visionary member of COI Stream made an opening remark and Mr. Ishihara, Project Leader of CESS, Kyushu University gave an greeting message.

Then Dr. Ryuji Matsuhashi, EMS Satellite Leader of The University of Tokyo briefed the purpose, followed by presentations by researchers and participating institutions. The workshop was successful with the presentations and the active discussion thereafter.

We will continue to share the leading edge knowledge through the activities such as workshops in order to implement the results of energy related researches to the society.

①Opening greeting
    Dr. Tetsuhiko Ikegami
    (Visionary member,COI program Vision3)
    Mr. Shinya Ishihara
    (Project Leader, Kyushu University Co-evolutional Social Systems(CESS))

②Briefing of the purpose
    Dr. Ryuji Matsuhashi
    (EMS Satellite Leader, Research Supervisor Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy
     JST, Professor The University of Tokyo)

③Challenge and Issues of Kasuga Blue Energy
    Dr. Tatsuro Harada
    (Professor Research and Education Center of Carbon Resources, Kyushu University)

④The current situation and the future issues of a new electric power company
 by a local government
    Mr. Norito Shiraiwa
    (Vice President, Miyama Power HD)

⑤The validation test of cooperation between EV sharing mobility system and
    frequency control

    Dr. Ryo Ariyoshi
    (Associate Professor, Graduate School / Faculty of Urban Innovation , Yokohama
     National University)

⑥Intoduction of a large amount of reusable energy and an innovation required
    for the electric power system
    Dr. Ryuji Matsuhashi 
    (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

⑧Closing greeting