[Activity Report]The 3rd Science Cafe "A hydrogen energy society and the future of Fukuoka"

The 3rd Science Cafe was held on Feb. 17(Sat) at the event space of the Fukuoka Growth Next.The purpose was to think together how the life will change when a hydrogen energy society is realized.
People with interest in hydrogen energy participated in the event.
34 people attended the program which consisted of two talks and discussion.

Mr. Toshiya Kobayashi, Associate Professor, chaired the event.
Mr. Akiya Nagata, Professor, explained the purpose of the Science Cafe then topics were given as follows

Dr. Yuya Tachikawa, Assistant Professor Kyushu University, gave a talk "Hydrogen and energy from a university point of view".
He gave a report of the researches such as hydrogen related technology developments of Kyushu University and the future activities of Japan for the realization of hydrogen society.

Nest Dr. Yoshio Matsuzaki, Chief Researcher of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. gave a talk "Next Generation energy and Hydrogen Fuel Cell".
He talked about the world movement around hydrogen energy and the possibility of fuel cells such as "ENE-FARM" and Fuel Cell Vehicle, and reported research activities of the industry to realize a hydrogen energy society.

Then the attendees were divided into 5 groups and had discussions.
Each group had a facilitator as follows to promote discussion.
A Group: Mr. Nagata, Professor
B Group: Mr. Kobayashi, Associate Professor
C Group: Ms. Moroga, Assistant Professor
D Group: Mr. Nishigama, Research Fellow
E: Mr. Toyomura, Research Fellow
The concern and expectation towards the vision of CESS for the hydrogen energy society were discussed.
Each opinion from the citizens were discussed and frank questions from the citizens were answered by Dr. Matsuzaki.

At last each group introduced the abstract of the discussion.
It was found out that the interest in hydrogen is high and expectation to the vision for the realization of sustainable carbon free society and the energy researches conducted by industry-academia-goverment and local community is also high.
On the other hand concerns were shown for the safety and economic efficiency of the hydrogen energy.

The science cafe was successful. It was a meaningful activity for the university and the citizens to have interactions toward the social implementation in collaboration with the citizens.