Site visit for Kyushu University COI held on July 31, 2018

The site visit was held on July 5, 2018 at the Research facilities for Coevolutional Social Systems, Kyushu University by the visionary team of the COI Stream Vision 3.

Dr. Kubo, President of Kyushu University made an opening greeting followed by a greeting by Dr. Sato, Visionary leader of Vision 3.

Then Mr.Ishihara, Project Leader, reported the progress of the project and Dr. Wakayama, Research Leader, reported the status of the platform.

In the afternoon, each group(Energy, Mobility, ICT and Math for Industry) reported the progress and future plan followed by a poster and Q&A session. The meeting was fruitful enough to receive a lot of advices for the future works.




Math for Industry

In the end comments were received from the visionary team for the social implementation.

We will make more effort to realize social implementation of the research themes in collaborations with the participants.

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