[News] (itocon) Starting a Demonstration Test to Visualize Crowd Levels at Fukuoka City Higashi Ward Office!

Simply scan the QR code to obtain information

[itocon-GO] Utilizing sensors to visualize crowd levels

As a preventative measure for COVID-19, the Center's ICT Group developed “itocon,” a system that visualizes crowd levels at bus stops and cafeterias for the students and faculty members on Ito campus. Since June 2020, we have offered this service for over 1.5 years, and now we will start a demonstration test to measure crowd levels at Fukuoka City Higashi Ward Office lobby.
“Itocon-GO” was developed to help everyone easily use “itocon” services.

  Characteristics of “itocon-GO”
     -downsized sensor
     -simplified installation
     -simplified crowd level display
     -flexible settings

The main objectives are to improve/optimize the quality of public services and verify data accuracy. However, if users can obtain real-time information by simply scanning the QR code, shorter wait times will improve user satisfaction levels, and also help in “avoiding crowds” as a preventative measure for COVID-19.
Based on results from this demonstration test, we plan to consider its implementation in other ward offices or congestion areas.

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