[Report] Symposium by Kyushu University COI, Center of Coevolutionary Research for Sustainable Communities

On Friday, January 28, 2022, we held a symposium on the theme “Creating a Reliable, Safe, and Lively Community: Revitalizing Local Economies with Genuine Local Energy Production/Consumption and Generating Sustainable Mobility and ICT Monitoring Services,” and presented our final research results at the ACROS Fukuoka (Fukuoka City) 4F International Conference Hall and via online streaming.

In Fukuoka prefecture, “Quasi-State of Emergency” measures were put in place on the 27th due to the spread of COVID-19, and we made prompt adjustments to change the symposium to online streaming. We apologize for the last minute change and the inconveniences this may have caused the guests that were planning to attend in person.

With this year being the last year of the COI program, this symposium reported the center’s activities, announced research results and progress toward social implementation made by each group. Additionally, each group leader handled a talk session on future developments.

Following the opening comments by Tatsuro Ishibashi (President, Kyushu University), we received greetings from our guests of honor, Ms. Mutsuko Inoue (Director, University-Industry Collaboration and Regional R&D Division, Science and Technology Policy Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), Ms. Yoshiko Shirokizawa (Vice President, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)), and Mr. Masaaki Mizuno (COI Program Vision 3 Visionary Leader).

First, this center’s Project Leader Yuichi Nakamura gave an overview entitled “Kyushu University COI and Social Implementation Results.”

Later, researchers from each group and participating organizations gave detailed presentations focused on social implementation results. During the ICT Group presentation, we received feedback from a governmental guest practitioner Mr. Kazuhiro Ouchi (Director, Housing & Urban Planning Bureau, Green Resource Utilization Section, Fukuoka City) from the angle of “An Expansion Possibility for Park Management.”

Also, as it was a joint effort by Energy Group with Fukuoka city, Mr. Shinichiro Miura (Director, Economy, Tourism & Culture Bureau, New Industry Promotion Division, Fukuoka City) gave a lecture on the theme “Fukuoka City’s Approach on Hydrogen and Collaboration with Kyushu University”.

After group presentations, in expectation of further developments by Kyushu University COI, Project Leader Nakamura facilitated talk sessions. Professor Kazunari Sasaki (Energy Group Leader), professor Ryo Ariyoshi (Mobility Group Leader), professor Yutaka Arakawa (ICT Group Leader), professor Yasuhide Fukumoto (Mathematics for Industry Group Leader), and regarding post-COI, professor Shinji Onishi (Vice President, Kyushu University) were all invited to the platform to speak about future developments.

Finally, we received closing comments from Yoshio Hisaeda (Director, COI Center, Kyushu University) to conclude the symposium.

Mobility Group

ICT Group

Energy Group

Mathematics for Industry Group

“Regarding the Development of Post COI”

Despite the last minute change to online streaming, the event ended successfully with approx. 200 participants.
This will be the last symposium presented by Kyushu University COI, and we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all those who have given us their support. Although the end of next month will mark an end, we would like to ask for your continued support.



The program will be available for viewing